Visual Appreciation Camps for Children
Every year Academy organises summer holiday camps for children. The objective of the camps is to introduce a basic understanding and appreciation of films to children. This year, three camps were held in collaboration with the Kerala Shishu Kshema Samithi. The camps saw a participation of 150 children from different parts of the state.The course acquainted the partakers with the growth and history of world cinema and the technical aspects of film-making. Film classics both Indian and International has been used for critical analysis and study.

Five Day Film Appreciation Workshop for School Students-2010

Teachers’ Workshop on Film Appreciation

The present day students should be able to decode, understand, evaluate and write through, all forms of media and films and they should be able to read, evaluate and create text, images and sounds, or any combination of these elements. The teacher has to guide the learners to acquire tools, concepts, processes and strategies to view, analyse and appreciate films of different genre so as to make them critical viewers. 


This critical issue is addressed by the teacher empowerment programme in Kerala promoted by Kerala State Chalachitra Academy and Sarva Siksha Abhiyan, Kerala. As a preliminary step, a series of 5-day workshops are underway to familiarize selected teachers with the concepts, processes, strategies, techniques, activities and tools on film appreciation. The first phase of Teachers’ workshop nearing completion by the end of July will generate 150 trained teachers who can professionally teach students on cinema. 


Film Appreciation Course
Chalachitra Academy also conducts Short term film appreciation courses in association with National Film Archive, Pune and Kerala State Film Development Corporation.


Seminar & Exhibitions on Cinema
The organisation of seminars and exhibitions on cinema at different locales stands high on the activity calendar of Kerala Sate Chalachitra Academy.

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